Thursday, April 8, 2010

wow this thing has been long neglected. how sad! so it is my new and improved goal to treat this forum more like a good ol' blog rather than simply a portfolio. i have wondered why anyone would want to make a blog or participate in blogging. now i am at a point in which i am no longer questioning it, just going to test the waters and see how i like it.

ass backward goal list:
first goal:
to further expand upon my new work and see if anything comes to fruition with any of my older work.
second goal (though not unrelated to the first):
get over the not so true fact that art, including mine. has no meaning out side of what the viewer sees and interprets. i guess it might mean something to some people to know what my intentions are for my work, and i think writing about it will help me better understand why this is so important as well.
third goal:
better document my work and better organize my progress. i hope this will make things clearer for myself and others interested in the process!
fourth one:
under construction.