Thursday, December 17, 2009

these creatures are based on a story told to me by alana florez a lovely friend of mine. the story was something like this:
there once was a place filled with creatures who had long spoons for arms. each time a creature wanted to feed its self it would pick up a piece of food with its long delicate spoon arm but when trying to raise it into its mouth they would realize it was much too far away to reach. it was not until the creatures began feeding one another that their communities grew and they were able to thrive.
in my adaptation of the story the creatures have no arms, and i have found this to be my modern interpretation of the idea of urban communities.
through out my adult life i have found it very difficult to find genuine community and permanent fixtures from which i have been able to grow. in a commuter city like san francisco i have found many relationships to be disposable...not by choice but by social norm, and acceptance. this being said the creatures have nothing to gain or offer one another in terms of sustenance or reliability. just the joy of fleeting community, and the forgiveness of impermanence.
Hungry Little Travelers

Run Rabbit Run
High Fire
Wall Mount