Saturday, May 8, 2010

just finishing up another semester of school. i have many works in progress, but as it goes the progress is slow, and i have not been as interested in documenting the early stages of work as much as i am in the end result because it speaks for its self. i have been working on a ceramic sculpture that has movement. i was inspired by antique toys so i have been trying to make a bunny on a bike...the bike looks like it fell down a flight of stairs and has been hospitalized. but when i unwind its bandaging of tape after the epoxy has reset its parts i think it is going to be stronger than it was before. i will get a before and after action shot, but only because it is a great example of how pushing the limits of clay can cause really devastating results and set ya back a few days. PATIENCE...grumble grumble grumble. and once that obstacle is over there is the added anticipation of weather or not the rest of the components will come together. the hardest part i can foresee is the balancing the rider, and bicycle on the moving wheel. i might have bitten off more than i could chew with this one, but it has been a much welcomed challenge.